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Colonel Sheppard's command and past accomplishments in the Pegasus Galaxy.

However, with Teal'c appearing in 213 episodes, she has the second most amount of appearances in Stargate SG-1 at 208. in theoretical astrophysics and "logged over 100 hours in enemy airspace" during the Gulf War.She was a main character in all ten seasons of Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007).Following a recurring role in Stargate Atlantis for three seasons (2004–07), Carter became a main character in Season 4 of Atlantis (2007–08), and also appeared in the 2008 direct-to-DVD SG-1 films Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuum.Samantha "Sam" Carter, USAF is a fictional character in the Canadian–American military science fiction Stargate franchise.Played by Amanda Tapping, she appears in all three shows in the franchise: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe.