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Olson was notorious for taking advantage of the RCMP (which patrols the greater Vancouver area and outlying districts), by negotiating a deal whereby he would receive ,000 for each body he identified to homicide detectives.

"Cranking up," however, is a term sometimes used in prison to refer to the administration of a substance by hypodermic needle.In contrast to the top-down form of justice, such as those decisions handed down by the court, abolitionism focuses on the bottom-up processes of justice, such as resolutions constructed directly between those involved in the criminal act, such as the victim, offender, and community.Abolitionism criticizes the language of crime, as well, arguing that because penal intervention stigmatizes, classifies, and labels individuals according the offences they have committed, By viewing crimes as problematic events, one can provide the opportunity for a solution; In contrast, by viewing crimes as crimes, one can provide little opportunity for a solution except for that already stated as "solving" crime, punishment.The Custody Rating Scale consists of a variety of empirically-derived risk factors, subdivided into three categories, institutional adjustment, public safety, and escape risk."Daddies" Incarcerated sexual predators who prey on weaker inmates, called "punks." Dancing on the blacktop Getting stabbed.