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His only alibi was apparently a journal kept by his friend that explained the two had been across town that night, taking MDMA. Alan Morrison of Empire wrote, "Farrell can usually be relied upon to bring a spark to the bonfire.

That's also true of [this movie]." Elvis Mitchell of the New York Times criticised Farrell's accent, writing that he "employ[ed] a wobbly American accent that makes him sound like an international criminal a step ahead of the authorities".

With his brother's encouragement, he attended the Gaiety School of Acting, dropping out when he was cast as Danny Byrne on Ballykissangel, a BBC drama about a young English priest who becomes part of an Irish rural community. T., the actor starred in an ensemble cast including Samuel L.

The police sketch looked remarkably like him and he had even described blacking out during the night in question. Jackson, Michelle Rodriguez, Olivier Martinez and Jeremy Renner; Renner became a friend.

Colin Farrell is "very cautious" about dating anyone.

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(2003) and The Recruit (2003), establishing his international box-office appeal.

He said: "I'm very cautious about entering into relationships.

"I've basically been single for five years and, even though I love women, it's difficult to get involved and put someone in the spotlight because of my being a celebrity.

"You're reluctant to expose someone to that unless you're so much in love that you're both willing to put up with the attention that's going to follow you around. " Colin was previously renowned for his wild partying, and though he admits he had an "amazing" time, he was also leading an "empty" life. magazine: "I arrived in Los Angeles from Dublin and it was a culture shock.

"I was working non-stop and partying non-stop and I didn't have time to even think about what I was doing with my life.