Dating kilmarnock

The churches concerned were Presbyterian churches that were originally outside the Church of Scotland (or left the Church of Scotland) but joined (or re-joined) the Church of Scotland at various points.These churches were as follows: Bear in mind that the other churches did not have the same parish structure as the Church of Scotland.Church registers of baptisms may record the date of birth or the date of baptism or both.There is no indication given in the index as to whether the entry is a birth or a baptism, but it is more usual for the index entry to show the baptism date.These other church registers are only availble on the website and will be released in local family history centres later in 2017.

So, for example, entering a forename and surname and county but not specifying a parish.Churches have kept registers of baptisms (or births), marriages, burials (or deaths) and other events (such as people moving from one parish to another) for centuries.On this site you can search registers kept by the Church of Scotland, the Roman Catholic church and other churches.Some registers have been lost or destroyed and the condition of the surviving 3500 is variable.The National Records of Scotland holds the surviving original registers.