Dingdong dantes and karylle dating

“If I react prematurely about a statement that’s not clear, it’s not right. Although, I spoke once in a magazine about it and, for me, that’s OK, that’s enough.” Earlier, before Dantes was sought for his comment on the issue, Rivera was also asked about her reaction on Karylle’s statement.For me, I will just pray for them,” the actor added, smiling. The reaction of the actress, who is also known as GMA’s Primetime Queen, was: “Why, is Dingdong her only ex?It was during their Love to Love days when rumors spreaded about Antoinette and Dingdong’s break up. From what I remember, Karylle wouldn’t even tell when she and Dingdong became an item. A Dingdong fan that I’ve always been, I accepted Karylle as Dingdong’s new love. We couldn’t put the blame on Marian alone if it’s true that she’s the third party behind the break up.

It was like a one-sided relationship: Karylle was more in love with Dingdong than he was with her. But when Marian Rivera came to the picture as his newest love team, he was very sweet to her. Maybe Karylle was really more in love with Dingdong than he was with her.

During the press conference on Tuesday for Dantes’ newest drama for GMA, the “faith-” entitled “Pari Koy,” the actor touted as the network’s Primetime King was asked about his comment on the statement of Karylle about an ex-boyfriend who cheated on her.

Although the “It’s Showtime” host did not mention any name, many believed that her statement was a dig on Dantes. But the happiness and the love supersede all the negativity, and that’s all that matters.” But Dantes refused to answer one question—have he and Karylle patched things up after all these years? Because, again, I’ve not answered before anything about it.

She also diverted the conversation when Vice Ganda asked her directly who cheated on her.

MANILA, Philippines—”I will pray for them.” This was Dingdong Dantes’ reaction on the statement ex-girlfriend Karylle made reportedly about their past.