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He not only swims across the hallowed waterway with frequency, but he is always a voice of reason and a thoughtful leader through his actions and statements, only made at the most appropriate times.

As an athlete, he is one of the most prolific channel swimmers in the world today – and he still has plenty of additional swims left in him.

At the 2000 World Open Water Swimming Championships, he not only coached the team (including the Russian 5 km gold medalist and 25 km gold medalist), but also swam to a bronze medal in the 25 km, just over a minute slower than the swimmer he was coaching.

He won the following medals at the FINA World Championships: 1994 25 km bronze, 1998 5 km gold, 1998 25 km gold, 1998 5 km team silver, 2000 25 km bronze.

No body of water was too difficult for Abu-Heif to challenge and complete.

He was also voted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame as an Honor Open Water Swimmer 1998).

His contributions to the marathon swimming community have been outstanding and it is a well-deserved recognition for his accomplishments and work.

He won the 37 km (23-mile) la Descente ou remontée du Saguenay in 1968 after returning from the Egyptian-Israel War of 1967 in 9 hours 10 minutes in 1968 and in 1969 when the race was called after 30.5 km (19 miles) before of worsening conditions.After competing at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics in Atlanta in two events, he won the 5 km and 25 km races at the 1998 World Swimming Championships.He later established an open water school in Russia and served as the Russian national open water swim coach.He and his colleagues volunteer their time to provide a global forum for the channel swimming community that offers a plethora of useful resources for both neophytes and veterans.Adams has been involved in English Channel swimming since the age of fifteen, successfully completing the English Channel a total of 8 times including a two-way crossing in 27 hours 28 minutes which qualified him for the 24-hour club.