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Puddin could be the only reason that Dumplin hasn't gotten bored of the universe and destroyed it. Towa: Dumplin/Popo's wives, top bitches, and Demon Goddesses. At this point in time, Dumplin is more of a "Hurting Hero." Though Dumplin himself is speculated to have millions of illegitimate offspring, siblings, etc (such as Cupcake as she has an unknown mother), there are only a key few he identifies as family. Towa reminds Dumplin of himself saying, "She looks so strong and knows what she wants... " Lanipator confirms that "The sex was f**kin fantastic!!! However, this changed once he became the Demon God. Usually, he is perfectly fine with having his wife Towa be the brains in many situations since he puts his full trust in her, he says that "She looks so strong and knows what she wants", reminding him of himself.While people believe Dumplin is a heartless monster, that only serves his own interests. In fact, he has so much love, he is even known as the Demon God of Love. " - Dumplin introducing himself in TFS RPG/Team Four Sta RPG. Maybe you can help them." - Dumplin sees that Puddin brought her friends to the abandoned castle in TFS RPG." Puddin: Puddin is Dumplin and Towa's daughter who serves as a rookie Time Patroller in the Time Patrol. " - Dumplin trying to laugh through his tears since he is devastated that Towa is dead and Mira exploded. This shit again..." - Dumplin questioning Goku who is asking about strength. " - Dumplin throwing his number at Goku and the Zeno Button. She takes very much after both her father and her mother in looks, species, and fashion sense.

Dumplin fears no man, woman, or something in between, and won't hesitate to Dump them. This is shown further where they have a daughter together named Puddin. This is evident when he transformed into a key and made love to Kaiser's door's keyhole, or when he impregnated the egg Tokotoki laid.

His legacy continued two years later by his daughter Puddin in Xenoverse 2.

Dumplin is very lax about his duties as a Time Patroller, often making fun of his "Boss" Future Trunks when he's explaining mission details.

Popo (older self), God of Destruction Dumplin, "RHEEEEEEEH", Dumptruck, Dumps, Dumpster, Captain Dumplin (after switching bodies with Captain Ginyu), The Dumplin, The Dump, Tokitoki City Hero, Lil' Dumplin, Big Daddy, Dumpyboi, Lord Dumplin, Demon God of Love, Hero of Time Future Trunks Supreme Kai of Time Towa (wife) Puddin (daughter) Paata Flanny (2nd daughter) Spudz (son) Frogurt (omnisexed grandchild) Being Omnisexual Doors Mr.

Mark "Hercule" "Satan" The Fuck Box The Dumplin Strut Majin Boo his creators (referring to them as "Daddies") Goku His colors and other people wearing them Eating Dumplings Taking a Dump (especially on people) His name ending with "in" Mira Demigra The alternate counterparts of the DB-warriors FUCK TIEN'S Z-SOUL!!!!!!!!! , Ginyu Freeza Cell Broly Goku (when he steals the kills) Tokitoki Supreme Kai of Time's Cooking Having his name and Puddin's spelled with a "g" Towa (wife) Puddin (daughter) Flanny (2nd daughter) Spudz (son) Frogurt (omnisexed grandchild) Takahata101 (Creator/Daddie) Lanipator (Creator/Daddie) Kirran (Creator/Daddie) Kaiser Neko (Creator/Daddie) Grant (Creator/Daddie) Mr.