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My metabolism has always been through the roof, and I never stop moving.

I used to run and play soccer in high school, but I chilled out a bit in college, and put on about five pounds.

I did, however, get the freckles, which only show up if I blush or get sun burnt. I dyed it pink at the start of college to try out the punk rock look, but I decided the clothes suited me more than the hair.

I have not yet found exactly where the freckles end, but the less I wear out by the pool, the more freckles I find. Honestly, I was just too lazy to keep it dyed all the time.

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I thought I had a boyfriend, even though I really didn’t know what that meant at the time.I don’t remember much from when I was that young, but I do remember that for some reason, I was terrified of turning four.I loved being three, and I guess I was afraid that four year old me was going to replace three year old me and take all my friends and toys. Anyway, it was my fourth birthday, and I was in my parents bedroom since they had the biggest TV in the house, and I found a plastic tub under the bed.Apparently, second grade is when guys start getting curious about their bodies and about girls in general.He told me that he and one of his friends had been looking through the encyclopedia for every semi dirty word they had ever heard, trying to figure out what on earth happened during sex.