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The mission of Passamaquoddy Peaceful Relations is to effect change within our Tribal community where equality, respect and nonviolence become cornerstones of all relationships.

Passamaquoddy Peaceful Relations is dedicated to ending domestic violence by assisting victims in regaining personal safety and control of their life, ensuring accountability of batterers within the Tribal law enforcement and judicial systems, and promoting peaceful relations in our Tribal community.

You can designate your home as a safe house so that people who do not feel safe in their own home will have a safe place to live for a temporary period of time within our community.

Call the Pleasant Point Police Department at 911 when a crime of domestic violence or sexual assault is occurring.

Gagne then presented testimony from several witnesses, including his adopted cousin, Gagne's father, friends of Gagne, and a Biddeford police officer who testified that no call came in related to an earlier near-arrest of Gagne that the victim claimed happened before he assaulted her.[¶18] Gagne's adopted cousin testified that Gagne had consensual sex with both the victim and her together on November 4 and that she had not overheard any altercation before or after that. We have similarly held that the Confrontation Clause was not offended by the admission of grand jury testimony from a defendant's mother, who testified that she did not remember the grand jury proceedings, because the defendant had “the opportunity to examine and cross-examine his mother before the jury regarding what she did and did not recall and the reasons for her failure of recollection.” Gorman, 2004 ME 90, ¶¶ 15, 55, 854 A.2d 1164. We do not find these arguments persuasive and do not discuss them further.2. §§ 207-A(1)(A) (domestic violence assault), 208(1)(C) (aggravated assault), 210-B(1)(A) (domestic violence terrorizing), 253(1)(A) (gross sexual assault) (2016).3. § 207-A(1)(A) (2016), and one count of domestic violence terrorizing (Class D), 17-A M. The victim worked at a supermarket in Scarborough; Gagne was not working due to disability.[¶4] In the summer of 2013, the victim, who has attention deficit and sensory integration issues that make it difficult for her to process information and regulate her emotions, went to Louisiana with her mother for several weeks of treatment. § 210-B(1)(A) (2016), entered by the trial court (York County, O'Neil, J.) following a seven-day jury trial.[¶2] On appeal Gagne argues that the trial court (1) abused its discretion by denying his motion for sanctions and a continuance based on the State's late disclosure of the victim's medical records; (2) violated the Confrontation Clause when it admitted a recorded interview of the victim, who testified at trial but lacked present memory of details about the crime and what she had said to the interviewing detective; and (3) deprived him of a fair trial by declining to allow him to call two late disclosed witnesses not included on the witness list described to the jury. They began dating, and soon the victim moved in with Gagne at a Saco home occupied by Gagne, Gagne's parents, and, for part of the time, Gagne's younger, adopted cousin.Speak out against domestic and sexual violence whenever the opportunity arises in your personal interactions with others.Offer non-judgmental support to those who are affected by domestic and/or sexual violence.