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SC 11211031 November 2003John Clarke; Notes/errata: January 2004 Linear Supply For Luxeon 1W Star LEDs SC 11112031/11112032, EPE 588A/B December 2003Peter Smith High-Efficiency Power Supply For 1W Star LEDs SC 11101041, EPE 600 January 2004Peter Smith; Notes/errata: February 2004; Kit(s): Altronics K1000 Our Fantastic Human-Powered LED Torches February 2004Julian Edgar White LED Driver; Kit(s): Oatley K202/K202A March 2004Stephen David; Notes/errata: October 2004 Star Power: A Switching Supply For Luxeon Star LEDs SC 11105041, EPE 6Peter Smith; Notes/errata: September 2006; Kit(s): Altronics K1010 Jaycar KC5389 Courtesy Light Delay For Cars SC 05106041, EPE 603 June 2004John Clarke; Notes/errata: July 2004; Kit(s): Jaycar KC5392 Wanna Go Prawning?You’ll Need The Prawnlite; Kit(s): Oatley Electronics K217 January 2005Branko Justic & Ross Tester Universal High-Energy LED Lighting System SC 11004061, EPE 673 April 2006John Clarke & Julian Edgar Universal High-Energy LED Lighting System, Pt.2 SC 11004061, EPE 6John Clarke & Julian Edgar Spectacular Bike-Wheel POV Display SC 16109071, EPE 711 September 2007Ian Paterson Emergency 12V Lighting Controller EPE 733 January 2008Jim Rowe; Kit(s): KC5456 DSP Musicolour Light Show SC 10107081/10107082/10107083, EPE 759/760/764 June 2008Mauro Grassi; Notes/errata: July & September 2008; Kit(s): Altronics K5803 DSP Musicolour Light Show; Pt.2 SC 10107081/10107082/10107083, EPE 759/760/764 July 2008Mauro Grassi; Notes/errata: July & September 2008; Kit(s): Altronics K5803 DSP Musicolour Light Show; Pt.3 SC 10107081/10107082/10107083, EPE 759/760/764 August 2008Mauro Grassi; Notes/errata: July & Septemgber 2008; Kit(s): Altronics K5803 What About The Musicolour Display - ie, The Lights!Freeman Automatic controller for sullage pumps August 1991Glen Host Low distortion sinewave oscillator August 1991Darren Yates Voltage regulator for alarm backup battery September 1991B. Freeman Simple nicad chager with 16-hour timer September 1991B. Denniss Dual tracking power supply uses cheap parts October 1991Steven Merrifield Battery charging for garage door controller October 1991P.Dumuid How to dim fluorescent lights September 1991W. Hunter; Notes/errata: Ref Project March/April 1991 Three-way quiz game uses relays & diodes November 1991F.Small Siren & flash generator for toy cars October 1989S.

SC 06112001 December 2000Leon Williams The Minimitter FM Stereo Transmitter SC 06104011 April 2001John Clarke; Kit(s): Altronics, DSE, Jaycar A 2.4GHz High-Power Audio-Video Link; Kit(s): Oatley Electronics February 2002Ross Tester Direct Conversion Receiver For Radio Amateurs; Pt.1 SC 06107021 July 2002Leon Williams Direct Conversion Receiver For Radio Amateurs; Pt.2 SC 06107021 August 2002Leon Williams Wi-Fi: 21st Century Cat's Whiskers November 2002Stan Swan The Micromitter Stereo FM Transmitter SC 06112021 December 2002John Clarke; Kit(s): Jaycar KC5341, DSE K5009 Simple VHF FM/AM Radio SC 06212021 December 2002Andrew Woodfield; Notes/errata: April 2003Kit(s): DSE K5015 (no longer available) Home-Brew Weatherproof 2.4GHz Wi Fi Antennas SC 06108031 August 2003Rob Clarke Smart Radio Modem For Microcontrollers SC 06111031 November 2003Nenad Stojadinovic; Kit(s): Altronics K9000 VHF Receiver For Weather Satellites SC 06112031 December 2003Jim Rowe; Notes/errata: January 2004 p38, February 2004, April 2004, October 2004Kit(s): DSE K3226 (no longer available) Antenna & RF Preamp For Weather Satellites SC 06101041 January 2004Jim Rowe; Notes/errata: April 2004 2.4GHz Audio/Video Link; Kit(s): Oatley Electronics January 2004Ross Tester A Real Yagi Antenna For UHF CB February 2005Stan Swan Shielded Loop Antenna For AM Radios; Kit(s): Gless Audio ([email protected]) March 2005David Whitby Sending Picaxe Data Over 477MHz UHF CB March 2005Stan Swan Wireless Microphone/Audio Link; Kit(s): Oatley Electronics K2Ross Tester 433MHz Wireless Data Communication December 2005Stan Swan “Little Jim” AM Radio Transmitter SC 06101061/06101062 January 2006Jim Rowe Boost Your XBee’s Range Using Simple Antennas May 2006Stan Swan AM Loop Antenna & Amplifier EPE 813/814 October 2007Branko Justic & Ross Tester; Kit(s): Oatley Electronics K256 Build The “Aussie-3” Valve AM Radio January 2008Keith Walters The Minispot 455k Hz Modulated Oscillator SC 06101081, EPE 726 January 2008Mauro Grassi; Notes/errata: July 2008 A Digital VFO with LCD Graphics Display SC 06103082, EPE 734 March 2008Andrew Woodfield, ZL2PD; Notes/errata: June 2010 Planet Jupiter Receiver SC 06108081, EPE 771 August 2008Jim Rowe; Kit(s): Altronics K1127 (discontinued) Digital RF Level & Power Meter SC 04210081/04210082/04210083, EPE 783-785 October 2008Jim Rowe AM Broadcast Band Portable Loop Antenna January 2009Stan Swan Converting a Uniden Scanner To Pick Up AIS Signals August 2009Stan Swan A Dead-Simple Masthead Amplifier; Kit(s): Altronics K274 November 2009Branko Justic & Ross Tester Cheap-N-Easy 433MHz Sniffer SC 06101111 January 2011Stan Swan Simple, Cheap 433MHz Locator Transmitter SC 06102111 February 2011Stan Swan Build A Simple AM Radio SC 06101121 January 2012John Clarke Dorji 433MHz Wireless Data Modules January 2012Stan Swan LF-HF Up-Converter For VHF/UHF Digital TV Dongles SC 07106131 June 2013Jim Rowe Add A UHF Link To A Universal Remote Control SC 15107131 July 2013John Clarke Track Aircraft On Your Own ADS-B Receiving Station August 2013Jim Rowe Active RF Detector Probe For DMMs SC 04107131 August 2013Jim Rowe Collinear Antennas For Aircraft ADS-B Signals September 2013Ross Tester Si DRADIO: An Integrated SDR Using A DVB-T Dongle, Pt.1 October 2013SC 06109131/06109132/06109133Jim Rowe More Reception Modes For The Si DRADIO & SDRs December 2013Jim Rowe A Wi Fi Server For December 2014Geoff Graham A 5-Element Antenna For Better FM Reception October 2015Leo Simpson A 5-Element Antenna For Better DAB Reception November 2015Leo Simpson Mains Power Supply for Battery Valve Radio Sets SC 18108171/2/3/4 August 2017Ian Robertson Dead simple radio IF alignment with DDS; Kit(s): SC4425 September 2017Nicholas Vinen Build the Super-7 – a single-board AM radio receiver SC 06111171 November 2017John Clarke A build-it yourself SDR kit; Kit(s): November 2017Jim Rowe ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------07 COMPUTERS End-of-FIle Indicator for Modems SC 7-1-288 February 1988Greg Swain; See Circuit Notebook May 1988 A Line Filter For Your Computer SC 10101891 January 1989Leo Simpson Simple Computer Sound Repeater SC 07104891 January 1989Leo Simpson & John Clarke Build a LED Message Board March 1989Don Mc Kenzie Build a LED Message Board April 1989Don Mc Kenzie Biofeedback Monitor For Your PC May 1989Jim Barbarello Build a LED Message Board May 1989Don Mc Kenzie Build a LED Message Board June 1989Don Mc Kenzie Build an AT Tower Computer; Kit(s): Electronic Solutions August 1989Greg Swain 1-Megabyte Printer Buffer October 1989Don Mc Kenzie The Radfax Decoder SC 03111891 November 1989John Clarke; Notes/errata: June 1990; Kit(s): Jaycar Multi-Purpose I/O Board For IBM PCs; Kit(s): PC Computers March 1991Graham Dicker PC Voice Recorder SC 07107911 August 1991Darren Yates Build A Fax/Modem For Your Computer; Kit(s): PC Marketplace September 1991Leo Simpson Build A Talking Voltmeter For Your PC, Pt.1 SC 07110911 October 1991Darren Yates; Notes/errata: December 1991 Build A Talking Voltmeter For Your PC, Pt.2 SC 07110911 November 1991Darren Yates; Notes/errata: December 1991 Compact Digital Voice Recorder; Kit(s): Comma Corporation February 1992Leo Simpson The M. October 1998Julian Edgar High-Power Electric Fence Controller SC 11303991 April 1999John Clarke; Notes/errata: May 1999; Kit(s): Altronics, DSE Three Electric Fence Testers SC 11303992/11303993/113039John Clarke; Kit(s): DSE, Jaycar A Peltier-Powered Can Cooler September 1999Ross Tester Backup Battery For Cordless Phones SC 12510991 October 1999Leo Simpson; Kit(s): Jaycar 50A Motor Speed Controller For Models; Kit(s): Oatley Electronics May 2000Ross Tester & Branco Justic Compact Fluorescent Lamp Driver SC 11107001 July 2000John Clarke; Kit(s): Jaycar Two White-LED Torches To Build SC 11105011/112050John Clarke; Notes/errata: June 2001; Kit(s): DSE K3019 A Servo With Lots Of Grunt; Kit(s): Oatley Electronics May 2001Ross Tester Power Pak: A Multi-Voltage Power Supply SC 113050Peter Smith; Notes/errata: June 2001; Kit(s): Altronics The Battery Guardian SC 051050John Clarke; Notes/errata: July 2002; Kit(s): Altronics K4080, Jaycar KC5334 Stepper Motor Controller; Kit(s): Oatley Electronics May 2002Ross Tester; Notes/errata: June 2002 12V Fluorescent Lamp Inverter SC 11109021 September 2002John Clarke; Notes/errata: December 2002, January 2003Kit(s): DSE K3131, Jaycar KC5338 Speed Controller For Universal Motors SC 10110021 October 2002John Clarke; Notes/errata: November 2002, December 2002, January 2003, May 2003Kit(s): Jaycar KC5339 Our Best LED Torch EVER!Jackson Voltage and current metering for power supplies May 1988N.Jackson High-Q notch filter uses small capacitors May 1988Silicon Chip Improvements to end-of-file indicator May 1988Michael Dobbins Brighter flashing bump for burglar alarms June 1988Silicon Chip Dual power circuit has backup battery indication June 1988Ian Davies Flashing pilot lamp June 1988Steve Payor DC stereo volume control August 1988National Semiconductor Literature Telephone ring simulator August 1988R. Martindale Digital Lissajous frequency comparator August 1988Steve Payor National Semiconductor's LM12 150 watt op amp September 1988Silicon Chip Off peak indicator for hot water systems October 1988Silicon Chip Audio overload detector October 1988Silicon Chip Long interval timer October 1988Silicon Chip Video distribution system has ghosts on one channel October 1988Silicon Chip Self-oscillating detectors are intriguing October 1988Silicon Chip Knightrider LED Scanner SC 08111881 November 1988Silicon Chip; Kit(s): Jaycar 12-240V 60VA Inverter SC 08111881 November 1988Silicon Chip; Kit(s): Jaycar Volume control for power amplifier November 1988M. Microphone preamp circuit November 1988Silicon Chip Charger for 12V gel batteries December 1988Silicon Chip Constant current nicad charger December 1988Silicon Chip 200-250m A DC electronic fuse January 1989Peter King Pulse charger for dry cells January 1989Darren Yates RS232 to RS422 adaptor January 1989C.Roher; See also Circuit Notebook November 1999Kit(s): Altronics K2720, Jaycar Switching Temperature Controller; Kit(s): Oatley Electronics August 1999Branco Justic & Ross Tester; Notes/errata: October 1999, February 2000 Digital Electrolytic Capacitance Meter SC 04109991 September 1999Eugene W.Vahle Jr.; Kit(s): Jaycar Semiconductor Curve Tracer SC 04110991/04110992 October 1999Charles Hansen & Rick Walters The Fortune Finder Metal Locator SC 04303001 December 1999John Clarke An Audio-Video Test Generator SC 04101001 January 2000Leon Williams; Kit(s): Altronics K2718, DSE, Jaycar A Digital Voltmeter For Your Car SC 05102001 February 2000John Clarke; Notes/errata: March 2000, August 2000; Kit(s): Altronics, DSE, Jaycar Build A Safety Switch Checker; Kit(s): Altronics, Jaycar February 2000John Clarke A Sine/Square Wave Oscillator For Your Workbench SC 04102001 February 2000Rick Walters; See also Circuit Notebook May 2001 for metering Kit(s): Altronics, Jaycar A Digital Tachometer For Your Car SC 05104001/05104002 April 2000John Clarke; Kit(s): Altronics, DSE, Jaycar KC5290 Build A Temperature Logger; Kit(s): Softmark April 2000Mark Roberts Automatic Rain Gauge With Digital Readout SC 04105001 June 2000John Clarke; Notes/errata: February 2001; Kit(s): Jaycar El-Cheapo Musicians' Lead Tester July 2000John Clarke Booze Buster Breath Tester; Kit(s): Oatley Electronics October 2000Ross Tester Programmable Electronic Thermostat; Kit(s): Clinch Security Systems November 2000Michael Jeffery; Notes/errata: Refer project June 1997 A Morse Clock - Look Mum, No Hands!