Who is carol mcgiffin dating

The TV star, 57, explained that despite her hangovers getting increasingly worse over time, she still gets carried away during her drinking sessions.'[I've been drinking] nearly as much as everyone thinks, and nearly every day', Carol wrote in her Best magazine column.'Every time I get drunk, I say I'm never drinking again, but I always do. But I'm not going to drink any less, either.'Don't get me wrong, I can still down two bottles a night.And that's after dinner, especially on a hot night when my partner Mark and I are sitting outside! The gallery will now consist of images on a Calendar based system.

And the 47-year-old said her eldest had been badgering her parents for a while now to allow her to pursue her dream, but she and restaurateur husband, Alex Knight, also a former model, had to think long and hard about it.She's spoken frankly about her alcohol habits in the past.And Carol Mc Giffin has revealed that she's not curbed her drinking as she gets older, and has been known to down two bottles of wine in one go.To ensure that I can continue updates, older images will be replaced with newer ones.To see the full list of images I do have then see the special offer here.